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Delta-P | Marithaime 22 | 6662 WD Elst (Gld) | Telefoon +31 247 851 014

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Eilersen Electric lanceert 's werelds eerste hygiënische beam load cell

De ZP3 pomp van Ampco is te gebruiken voor viskeuze vloeistoffen als sauzen, yoghurt en sappen, en ook voor dunne vloeistoffen met deeltjes erin.

Eilersen Electric launches the world’s first hygienic beam load cell

Eilersen is releasing a new series of digital load cells in a hygienic (aseptic) design. These load cells are for dynamic weighing, process weighing, packaging, filling and general weighing applications, targeted primarily at food and pharma customers. The new hygienic design is unique without any exposed bellow grooves. It is facilitating easy cleaning to minimize the risk of bacteria and contaminants on the load cells. This is to ensure an overall high level of hygiene.

All Eilersen load cells are developed and manufactured in Denmark. The load cells are based on a highly accurate and very robust capacitive measuring principle. This technology allows an installation without complicated, non-hygienic stay rods and overload protection devices. These are applied in most strain gage load cell installations and result in a non-hygienic final installation.

The absence of overload protection devices in an installation with the new Eilersen hygienic load cells further improves the existing design. Thereby, it provides an installation which is even more simple, easy to commission and hygienic.


World’s first hygienic beam load cell

The new Eilersen beam load cell type BL is the world’s first beam load cell in a hygienic design. This load cell is characterized by the smooth bellow, which provides a clean, maintenance free installation. It is unique for weighing systems using beam load cells.

Beam load cells in general are known for the difficulty when cleaning the bellows and the need for overload protection devices. Both are not necessary when installing Eilersen beam load cells. The new hygienic design from Eilersen eliminates these difficulties, and thereby reduces the risk of product contamination.

The new hygienic digital beam load cell type BL is produced in electropolished stainless steel. It is hermetically sealed (IP68) and can be supplied in capacities up to 1000 kg with 0.025% accuracy.

The load cell type BL is ATEX certified for installation in ATEX zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.


New application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) provides optimal specifications

During development of the new range of load cells, the specifications have been optimized through a proprietary ASIC. This is manufactured for Eilersen utilizing the newest technologies.


Flexible instrumentation

The new load cells can be supplied with the most common fieldbus interface options such as PROFINET, Profibus DP, EtherNet IP and Modbus TCP. In addition, the new hygienic load cells can be supplied with a range of digital weighing terminals that include standard firmware for most weighing applications or customized firmware.




Reliable capacitive technology

Eilersen has more than 40 years experience as experts in industrial weighing. Experience with capacitive load cells that are known for a simple mechanical and electrical installation, reducing both the overall installation cost and minimizing maintenance costs.

These characteristics are known and appreciated by satisfied users in more than 85 countries all over the world.



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